Day Three

Jordan…DS…11 (eating off the adult menu for the 1st time)

Tuesday, August 26th

Sleeping in and taking the morning easy once again…we got to EPCOT today around 11ish. Today was the day we had Le Cellier for lunch! :bounce022: Woo Hoo!

Our plan today was to just do a bit of Future World…slowly making our way over to Canada in the World Showcase. We headed straight in to Spaceship Earth (Jordan and I both miss the wand) to see the changes since 2006. Jordan loved the interactive stuff at the end…he and I ended up looking rather silly as these futuristic slouches that don’t do their own housework!

We spent a little time in the Innoventions Pavillion, but Jordan was disappointed that his favorite robot building place was now gone. We then headed to the new The Seas with Nemo and Friends. This is very cute and I think Jordan would have absolutely adored it had he been younger. My favorite part is going the GSC…I would almost swear the ride started going backwards!

Finally a quick by pass to meet my namesake at Journey Into Immagination and then we headed *North* to Canada in the WS. We had ADRs for 2pm, best I could snag in spite of MULTIPLE calls for dinner. Our wait was probably 15 minutes or less, and in that time frame, I saw 4 different couples turned away seeking a table with no ADR. It makes me sad/angry that Disney doesn’t make it more clear about how important it is to book early…but I thanked my lucky stars that I knew better.:taunt002:

Our waiter was Jeff and we had a fairly nice table…afraid I cannot remember what province, but I was pleased it wasn’t in a corner or near the kitchen, etc. Jeff was very nice and very attentive. He was also very encouraging and gave opinions and suggestions about anything we asked about. He made sure to mention that smoothies were available as a drink on the DDP and assured us that any little substitutions we might want to make would be no problem. I ordered a strawberry smoothie and both Marcus and Jordan ordered the Sour Apple Freeze. Jordan just LOVED his freeze and Marcus was not unhappy with his choice. My smoothie was also quite tasty. :thumbs_up:

Even though appetizers are no longer available on the DDP, I told Marcus that I was having the cheddar cheese soup no matter what he said. :tongue0011-1: I ordered a bowl since Jordan said he wanted to be able to have some as well. OMG…this was everything I’ve been led to believe. Soooooo very good! Who needs a spoon? Jordan and I were dunking sourdough and pretzel breadsticks into it and stuffing them in our mouths in a race to see who got the most. Marcus even had a try and admitted it was quite good. (I think he was afraid Jordan and I would turn hostile if he tried for a second bite ) Marcus ordered a cup of the 3 onion soup with crouton and cheese…it was also very good, but he was disappointed that the *crouton and cheese* was very small compared to the French Onion soup he was hoping for.

Jeff was great about feeding our breadstick addiction….I don’t even want to think about how many of those we put away. Now on to the entrée…I ordered the filet and asked to switch out the risotto with the cream cheese mashed potatoes. Telling Jeff I didn’t like mushrooms, he immediately suggested that I wouldn’t care for the sauce either, and made note of that. Marcus asked for the New York strip steak and said he’d take my risotto. LOL (Mushrooms are one of the few veggies he’ll eat…blech) Jordan was torn between the shaved prime rib and the grilled steak burger...finally settling on the latter with cheddar cheese and added bacon. He also opted for the cream cheese mashed potatoes instead of fries to Jeff’s surprise. To stop the torture, I will say only one word…divine. Absolutely perfect in every way. Jordan had ingested too many breadsticks and so was only able to eat about half of his burger (knowing dessert was still to come) but Marcus and my plates were devoid of any speck of leftovers.

Finally to dessert! Jordan and I both had decided on this months ago and ordered the chocolate mousse…Marcus debated a while and finally settled on the maple crème brulee. Finding room he didn’t know still existed…Jordan devoured his mousse within minutes. I admit some disappointment in mine…just did not live up to my expectations and the superb quality of the rest of the meal. Marcus enjoyed his brulee (and I snuck a quick sample)…both of us thought it would be better warm. I had wanted to try a glass of the ice wine...but I just couldn't justify the $20, and I was sooo full.

Jeff brought our bill…well over $100, I apologize for not having a closer estimate. We owed roughly $10 for our soups, and I tipped Jeff a generous $25 because I thought he was wonderful. Would we go back? In a hearbeat.