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Thread: Figment Family eats FREE! (day 2)

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    Day Three, part 2

    Jordan…DS…11 (eating off the adult menu for the 1st time)

    Tuesday, August 26th

    After lunch we basically decided it was just TOO hot. :tongue1: We wanted to head back to the resort and hit the pool. :paddlingpool: We had another whole day scheduled in EPCOT later in the week to catch all the things we’d not gotten to today.

    Later that night, Jordan and I were determined to catch Fantasmic! It is our absolutely favorite show, and if we didn’t catch it today, I wasn’t certain we’d see it this trip and that was unacceptable. Marcus was tired and wasn’t thrilled with our plan, so he opted to stay at the resort and read…boring! :gy: Any way…Jordan and I decided to hop a bus to DHS because there was no way I was going to be able to load/unload my ECV by myself. We got on the bus about 6:30pm heading over for the show at 8:30pm. The bus was very crowded, but we talked to some nice people near us that were also on their way to see Fantasmic.

    Jordan grumbled and complained that we were in line so early…I explained that before we’d had the dinner package that reserved us a seat and before that we’d been there during a much slower time. The way that the parks had been congested this week because of the free dining, I wanted to be sure to get decent seats….not guaranteed, even though I was in an ECV.

    That night, however, turned out to be our lucky night. As we reached the top of the long path, the CM greeting me brightly and led us over to the Mickey section!!:smiley4: Dead center! We’d never had such fantastic seats before, so Jordan was quite happy. I sent him over to the Hollywood Hills snack bar to grab us some popcorn…the line so far was very short, maybe 4-5 people. While I was waiting for Jordan, a man walked by with a blinking Fantasmic cup…my soul was filled with absolute need and I hobbled over to shout to Jordan to buy one of those as well.:excited001:

    I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed that there is a rather large area in the Mickey section that is marked off as reserved. There are also several spots directly in front of the handicapped area reserved for those that are hearing impaired with those do-hickeys that will show them the words. As the time for the start of Fantasmic neared, and the crowds kept growing…the CMs gradually took away a few do-hickeys at a time and sat some people in that area, but not the huge area roped off for reserved. The couple to our left and the family to our right enjoyed musing about what it may be for.

    There were just mobs of people that night…many of them having to stand. The CMs had problems getting them down to the end for the standing room only section…many wanted to stand behind us and got quite belligerent with anyone trying to get them to move to where they were supposed to be. (Jordan decided if he was ever a CM he didn’t want to work there) Still the area remained roped off and Jordan finally asked a CM about it. Apparently that section remains reserved EVERY night just in case some huge celebrity is in the park and decides they might want to watch the show. They are never allowed to fill it with regular guests because some hot shot may show up even after it starts and will want a place to sit! :rolleyes008: Seems like such a waste. The one lady next to us did a quick count and estimate and you could probably fit 100 people in that area.

    Any way…Fantasmic was brilliant as usual. Jordan and I even noticed a few small things we’d never seen before since we’d always been on the sides. We did some shopping on our way out of the park and then went outside to wait for the bus to take us back to the resort. It was around 10 or so before the bus finally showed up, so I called Marcus and he went over and got a large pizza (2 CS credits and then you get 2 drinks and 2 desserts…muffins of course to use for brekkie in the morning) Pizza was not very exciting and honestly not quite done in the center…Marcus and Jordan ate it any way as they will eat anything even slightly resembling a pizza. I had one piece and that was more than enough for me.:sick007:

    Oh, almost forgot. On the bus, we just happened to sit near the same people we'd sat by before and we started talking again. Pretty soon, the one lady asked me if I was from *DIS Boards* ...I told her I thought it was too scarey over there and mentioned this site...hope she comes to check us out.:p015:

    "Always take a banana to a party." :banana1:

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    OH! I'm so glad you were able to see Fantasmic! :9: Sounds like it was a lovely night overall. ('Cept for that icky sounding pizza)!

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    Fantasmic Wonderful report!

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    I built one of those lightsabers. I had to have help cause I had no idea what I was doing!

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