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I called into my office yesterday and was chatting with a guy there who spent Christmas last year in Orlando.
He said that he had lunch on Christmas Day at a restaurant in a hotel near to Universal Studios which he thought was excellent. It was an Italian restaurant and it had a lake around which were Vespa motor scooters to add to the Italian theme.
I would like to give this a try but unfortunately my colleague cannot remember the name of the place [he is a WDW "newbie"].....any ideas where I`m talking about?
Ask him if Portofino Bay Hotel rings a bell.......it's on Universal Blvd.
For the height of luxury in a Mediterranean seaside setting head straight for this exclusive hotel designed to resemble Italy’s idyllic seaside town of Portofino. The scenery is pure postcard with colorful fishing boats bobbing in the seductively curving bay, sun-bleached stucco buildings with shuttered windows and trompe l’oeil decorative facades, and a charming, waterside piazza loaded with appetizing restaurants.