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Thread: United & US Airways to charge for luggage

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    Source: Herald Tribune

    For weeks, American Airlines stood alone in facing the ire of passengers over its decision to begin charging $15 to check the first bag. But it now has some company.
    United Airlines said Thursday it would put the charge into effect Friday, two days earlier than American. The $15 fee, for passengers flying on leisure fares booked in advance, is on top of a $25 fee for checking a second suitcase that airlines began charging recently.
    And US Airways said Thursday that it, too, was matching the $15 fee but would not put it into effect until July 9. Elite members of its frequent-flier program are exempt, but US Airways said its charge would apply to flights to and from Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, meaning its program was broader than its rivals'.
    Airlines are attributing new fees and surcharges to high fuel prices, up 91.5 percent from this time last year, according to the International Air Transport Association.

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    EVERYTHING is extra now isnt it !

    We fly BA which is still pretty good and all included, drinks and so on but I can see everyone charging for bags soon

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    I have heard that the charges for luggage applied by the Airlines based in the States are not yet to apply to tranatlantic flights and their connecting flights.

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    I don't mind paying for what you use so long as other prices come down, the actual seat price been the same then baggage on top is unfair


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