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Thread: which places charge credit card?

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    Im a bit confused now about the different types of dining reservation. Some dont take credit card, some want to charge it and others want it as a guarantee?

    Im assuming if we dont turn up to some they'll charge but what will they charge? is there a list of these places somewhere?

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    Unless things have changed recently, Disney don`t ask for any cc details when you make an ADR.
    Out of courtesy though, it`s best to let them know if you don`t intend on visiting any of the restaurants where you have made an ADR to allow others to take your place.

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    I think the Luau & Hoop Dee Doo Revue charge the entire amount when the reservation is made. CRT used to have a CC hold, but I'm thinking they changed to charging up front, as well.

    The Fantasmic Dinner Package takes CC information and charges something around $10 per person if they don't show. Nothing is charged at the time of the reservation.

    Candlelight Processional Dinner Package probably charges up front or does the credit card hold.

    I think V&A also does a CC hold, but I'm not sure.

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    CRT, HDDR and Luau charges for the meal up front unless you have DDP (then they take cc details)

    California Grill also takes cc info

    The princess meals in Norway also take cc info

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    For our upcoming trip, we had to give cc info for CG and MBYBBQ. Usually, if it is a dinner show or "2" pts. they ask you to reserve it with a cc. Last trip, we gave cc info for Norway princess dinner. This time we are on DP so we didn't have to pay upfront. However, in years past when we did the Luau we had to pay in full. (not on DP) It gets confusing. I make an Excel spreadsheet when I make ADR so I can keep track of the cc info, conf. numbers, and the policy if we don't show. I take it with me so I am prepared to make any last minute changes.

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