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Thread: I'm home

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    Welcome home Debbie It sounds like you had a brilliant time

    I'm glad you liked the Poly, where did you stay?

    Chris and I are thinking of your FIL

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    Sorry to hear your FIL is still doing poorly

    Loads of well wishes being sent his way...

    Welcome home, glad to hear you had a lovely trip...

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    Welcome home
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    Welcome back, Tinker! Glad you enjoyed your visit!

    and good thoughts for your DFIL.

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    Good that you had a great time! Isn't the Polynesian lovely?

    Did you get to Maine'ly Lobster in Cocoa Beach?

    for your father in law...

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    Wendy ~ we were in the Fiji building, room 1306 , 1st floor . When we stepped out on to our patio, we were facing the GF chapel . A few steps on the grass and to our right and we could see the castle .
    Tink ~ sadly we never had time to stop at Mainely Lobster , but I did get to Cocoa Beach . One question ... where are the waves ? I'm use to waves when going to the ocean .

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    Usually there are only serious waves when there is a storm brewing or off the coast. The Atlantic coast of Florida is pretty calm.

    I'm sorry you didn't get to the restaurant!

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    I know, me too , I had it penciled on my itinerary too . I did get to Joes Crab Shack though . That was fun and the food was good .

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    Which one did you go to? I've been to the one near DTD.

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    the one on South Apopeka Viineland Road , walking distance to DTD .

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