As if i haven't got enough on my plate at the moment someone has decided to use my bank account details to order stuff off the internet :rolleyes008:

Luckily the company they were ordering from rang me for confirmation.
They had tried to order 200 worth of vouchers and paid 6.50 for next day delivery to an alternative address.
They had used my bank card details and my full name,address and phone number.
I have phoned the bank to stop my card and at the moment this is the only transaction pending.
I am now left with no card and as i live miles away from my nearest branch i am also left with no money!

How did they get all these details you may ask??I never keep my card and my name, address and telephone number together.

Remember Robyn's laptop being sent off for repair and going missing?

That is the only place that all my datails have been stored in the same place so i have also had to contact them and warn them that they may have someone committing fraud within their company or within the courier company they use.

Luckily no money has actually left my account and the pending amount for the vouchers is being refunded tomorrow.

Watch this space for further transaxtions that haven't yet shown online.

I purposely haven't mentioned any company names in case this ends up a police matter.