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Thread: Share your Disney Secrets!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treacle, post: 156334
    Take your time and ejoy the little things, the background music or the details of the windows.
    Ditto. I do this, too.
    To see the years touch ye gives me joy, Sassenach, for it means that ye live.
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    Last time we went found a Wooden Leg named Smith at one of the Train Stations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mari, post: 85679

    *Margaritas at the Mexico pavillion cantina

    *Turkey Legs, buy them before you head into the Fantasmic theater at MGM

    *Casey's hot dogs!!!
    Casey's hot dogs were GREAT!!!

    Since it was my very first trip, I don't have any secrets to share, other than... don't rush!! Take your time, take it all in... and wear comfortable shoes!!

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    *Don't eat in disney, its very expensive, can always go to crossroads which is just outside the gates. except Ice cream sundaes from that place at the end of main street and funnel cake at america in epcot.

    *for the magic kingdom, go to the contemporary and say your having breakfast. park, then walk around to the gates...way, way quicker than going through the conventional route.

    *for epcot go to yacht and beach and go through the gates which open on world showcase, they open at 10 or 11 tho. Good place to buy your park tickets aswell as theres never anybody there.

    *Rides during parades. Rides during fireworks.

    *go to the little theatre in the building to the right of main street right near the gates to chill out. Theres a mini cinema that plays steamboat willie, the bandstand in the park cartoon and the one with the plants and trees.

    *never go in the middle of summer =D

    *be daring and sneak into the swimming pool at the beach club, its easily the best one in all of WDW.

    ...also the grand floridian has very very nice sunbeds.

    *BEST resort restaurants, Cape may cafe (i think thats what its called) at yacht and beach club and chef mickeys in the contemporary (good for kids like).

    *walk along the boardwalk at the boardwalk hotel.

    *try and find some jokes pumpkin carvings when its halloween, i saw some sick ones in the yacht club on year.

    *be lucky enough to be an original Vacation club member

    this is just like 18 years of repressed disney knowledge

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    Welcome to Disney Secrets! Thank you for your ideas. I need to say this though. We aren't supporters of doing things like parking at a resort hotel (by saying something that isn't necessarily the complete truth ) to get out of paying for parking.

    Nor do we ever recommend that a member sneak into any pool at a resort where they are not registered. Imagine how terribly embarrassing it would be to be escorted out for not having a room key card when asked (I've seen that happen at both the Beach Club and the Boardwalk Inn).

    So, do feel free to share your vast knowledge, but do recognize that we only support those bits of knowledge that won't cause potential problems for our members.

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    i think the beach club pool is soooo worth it tho

    also, the free parking was taken from the days when DVC members had more freedom, like visiting any hotel fro no not intentionally cheeky ;-)

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    Yes, the changes to the perks for DVC members have been significant.

    The BC pool is definitely wonderful, but they do keep close track of who is using it, and I must say that under no circumstances would I want to be publickly embarrassed and escorted from a pool area. I'd never show my face again, and then where would that leave me! LOL.

    At any rate, thank you for your understanding of our general policies here.

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    I think if too many do the 'park at BC to go to Epcot' thing it will ruin it for those who just want to park & visit a resort which is something we do often. Are we no longer allowed to park at a resort just to visit?
    I would never attempt sneaking into BC pool for the fear of humiliation if I got caught, lol. And trust me, I'd be the one person to get caught!
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    my recommendations:

    ~bring a stroller if you have small kids!! even if you rent one in the parks it won't help when they fall asleep on the bus ride back to the resort & then you have to carry them on the trek to your room. My husband ended up with an umbilical hernia after our first visit & we swore it was from carrying our 4 year old so much, lol

    ~I agree about the cinema in the back of the Kodak place on Main Street. Quite a nice little spot to relax & enjoy A/C

    ~just my opinion but don't waste money on refillable mugs. They don't actually hold all that much & they are a pain to keep up with. If you are just using them for meals at the resort then you still have to tote them back to the room before you can head to a park. This is just my experience with them.

    ~research the layout of the resort you are staying at. They can be HUGE & you may be quite a distance from the food court or pool. Try to have a building that you request to insure you are happy with your location.

    ~on a rainy day hop on the monorail & 'resort hop'...just check out the three resorts on the monorail system. They are really very beautiful! One of my favorite things to do

    ~with the cutbacks I don't think they do this anymore but if there are two times for the same evening parade, do the second one. Everyone usually sits & holds a spot for the first & by the time they do the second you can just walk right up & watch (depending on time of year of course)

    ~if you hate crowds, do DTD during the day. It usually gets really crowded in the evenings so take a morning & do it.

    ~if staying at the Wilderness Lodge check into being a 'Flag Family'. You get to go up on the roof (which is awesome!) & raise all the flags! It's quite a ceremony.

    ~at the closing of the parks, I like to take my time getting out & just stroll through the basically empty walkways & enjoy the peace & quiet. I never rush out to the busses, I relish the emptiness & find a bench to sit on & take in a nice view of the castle while everyone else fights the crowd to their way to the busstop, lol.

    that's all i have right now, if i think of anything else later, I'll add it
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    Quote Originally Posted by FairyDust, post: 158124
    Last time we went found a Wooden Leg named Smith at one of the Train Stations.
    That's the punchline of a classic vaudeville joke...

    Man 1:I knew a man who had a wooden leg named

    Man 2: Really? What was his other leg named?
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