my recommendations:

~bring a stroller if you have small kids!! even if you rent one in the parks it won't help when they fall asleep on the bus ride back to the resort & then you have to carry them on the trek to your room. My husband ended up with an umbilical hernia after our first visit & we swore it was from carrying our 4 year old so much, lol

~I agree about the cinema in the back of the Kodak place on Main Street. Quite a nice little spot to relax & enjoy A/C

~just my opinion but don't waste money on refillable mugs. They don't actually hold all that much & they are a pain to keep up with. If you are just using them for meals at the resort then you still have to tote them back to the room before you can head to a park. This is just my experience with them.

~research the layout of the resort you are staying at. They can be HUGE & you may be quite a distance from the food court or pool. Try to have a building that you request to insure you are happy with your location.

~on a rainy day hop on the monorail & 'resort hop'...just check out the three resorts on the monorail system. They are really very beautiful! One of my favorite things to do

~with the cutbacks I don't think they do this anymore but if there are two times for the same evening parade, do the second one. Everyone usually sits & holds a spot for the first & by the time they do the second you can just walk right up & watch (depending on time of year of course)

~if you hate crowds, do DTD during the day. It usually gets really crowded in the evenings so take a morning & do it.

~if staying at the Wilderness Lodge check into being a 'Flag Family'. You get to go up on the roof (which is awesome!) & raise all the flags! It's quite a ceremony.

~at the closing of the parks, I like to take my time getting out & just stroll through the basically empty walkways & enjoy the peace & quiet. I never rush out to the busses, I relish the emptiness & find a bench to sit on & take in a nice view of the castle while everyone else fights the crowd to their way to the busstop, lol.

that's all i have right now, if i think of anything else later, I'll add it