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Thread: FL beach recommendations

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    I love Cocoa and there is a huge Ron Jon's there which has beach parties and bands and stuff like that.

    Here's the link hun

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    That Ron Jon's is open 24/7 365 days of the year, I think. It's no L.L.Bean but it'll do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 48027
    St. Pete's is nice and that would be a change for you. So is Tampa Bay.

    On the east coast nearly all beaches are nice, it just truly depends upon what you want. I don't like Daytona, but that is my personal bias. Not a huge fan of Jax either.

    Vero Beach (actually it's Orchid Island if we are talking Disney) is a perfect beach getaway for me, but that is because I am quite content to roam the beach and just laze about. There is NOTHING else there to do! Vero Beach the town is quiet and not a tourist place at all. Not that one couldn't stay there, but it's seriously snooze-ville.

    New Smyrna Beach is pretty nice. Kind of middle of the road. However, they tend to have really strong currents (the man and son who were swept out to sea were just off New Smyrna) and a higher proporiton of shark encounters than any other Florida beach.

    Satellite Beach is a sleeper, but very nice. It's just south of Patrick AFB.
    ok thx tink

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