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Thread: Has the disney dining plan ruined disney dining?

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    I totally agree with Tink . The DDP especially once it was offered free has ruined Disney restaurants . Like Johnie, I have done both . We have paid and have gotten it free . The food is not as good, the service has definitely gone downhill, you don't get the nice portions they use to give and the prices are too expensive .
    Bring Back The Good Old Days !!!
    And Tink I was raised with good manners . In those days, God forbid if I didn't , I got my bottom paddled . I raised my son the same way and I was always commented at his school conferences on what a fine young respectful boy that I was raising .

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    Jim and I eat counter service a lot while at WDW the past couple of years because of such high prices . We do eat at a few nice TS meals, but I now wouldn't pay to eat at Le Celier or say the Yachtsman Steak Haus . As my grandmother would say * Prices Are Just To Dear * .

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    I miss being able to walk into Epcot first thing and making a reservation for lunch in Akershus and having a proper meal without those pesky princesses getting everywhere.

    I loved Akershus so much we ate there 3 times in a week on one trip. :sigh;

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    You can still walk into EPCOT's Guest Services and try to make an ADR for that day. There are a few lunch places available usually. :sigh;

    The princesses really did make a hash of Norway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 47671
    Yes. I have no real problem with making ADRs, although I really did like the days that saw us strolling the WS of a Friday evening and then deciding where we wanted to eat and GETTING IN! *gasp*

    I'll happily make an ADR if I know I'm going to have a relaxed dinner, good service and food commesurate with the cost.

    This last time was a real eye opener. Using YSH as an example, the place was heaving with people waiting outside the actual restaurant for their seating. Kids were running up and down the hallway shrieking, crying, asking to go for ice cream, not understanding that they couldn't swim in the pool. :sigh; Some of the adults weren't much better. Shouting at the podium staff that they had a RESERVATION and didn't see WHY THEY HAD TO WAIT... :sigh;

    We took refuge (as we always do) at the Crew's Cup lounge which was surprisingly empty and quite peaceful, and had a nice pre-dinner drink and chance to visit. Once we crossed into the YSH and were placed in Ricardo's very capable and impeccable service hands, all really was well, however the noise level of the restaurant was markedly higher than at any other time we had been.

    Again, people not familiar with the menu talking loudly about "what the hell is that do you suppose" and kids saying "YUCK THIS IS GROSS!"

    If families are going to dine in a nicer restaurant with an atmosphere that is conducive to low voices and pardon me, manners then they need to educate themselves and their offspring before hand. I know that sounds dreadfully harsh, but I promise you if I had behaved the way the majority of the children I saw that night (and no, I'm not talking exclusively about two year olds, there were children well into their teens behaving like hooligans) my parents would have removed me from the restaurant and there would have a very unpleasant "discussion" ensuing. When we were taken to a proper restaurant we were taught and expected to behave with proper manners.

    There. I sound like a hateful old woman now don't I?

    No, you don't, Tink! Or if you do, so do I! My parents never tolerated inconsiderate behavior, whether at home or dining in a restaurant. Manners at all times--with a few exceptions to run off excess energy!

    We definitely noticed a decline in dining options and service during free DDP in 2006. That said, it enabled us to try several restaurants we might not have visited for a few more trips--which might have been a good thing! Even with eating about half of most of the meals, I felt as though someone should roll me through the parks!

    As Becca noted, it's more lack of proper management of the DDP program than the fact it exists. About the only things done to "manage" the plan is cram more seats into each venue, truncate the menus and charge more!

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    Quite simply..yes is my answer to the original question.

    I went last year and had free dining and yes it saved us $$$ on restaurants that I would have dined in anyway paying OOP.

    I have seen a dramatic fall in standards (of both food and service) since it was introduced.

    I wouldn't pay for it and have opted to go in future when free dining is not available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink
    Are all the changes due to DDP? Nope. But it is a major factor in the reduction of quality and the move toward bland recipes instead of recipes authentic to the country in which you are dining (in EPCOT I mean) or to the cuisine that you are eating otherwise.
    That is one of the biggest problems I have with the restaurants in EPCOT. Now don't get me wrong, I like some of them, but too many of them have "dumbed" down or "Americanized" their food. I mean come on, let each country actually prepare the foods enjoyed in that country and if you don't like it you don't have to eat there.

    And Tink I agree with you wholeheartedly on your misbehaving children post. If we had done something like that as children we not only would have been removed from the restaurant but probably would have also had a meeting with Mr. Razor Strap when we got home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uscwest, post: 48432
    And Tink I agree with you wholeheartedly on your misbehaving children post. If we had done something like that as children we not only would have been removed from the restaurant but probably would have also had a meeting with Mr. Razor Strap when we got home.
    OMG what is a razor strap. Is it a belt with razor blades attached to it?:scared004:

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    Quote Originally Posted by piglet, post: 48601
    OMG what is a razor strap. Is it a belt with razor blades attached to it?:scared004:
    I think it`s one of the straps used to sharpen cut throat razors....from my memory of Clint Eastwood films! :p015:

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    Yes. It's a wide (about maybe 2 inches) leather strip (often called strop) that was once used to sharpen the straight edged blades for shaving. Not sure how that worked, but that's what it was used for.

    I'm sure it would be painful whallop.

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