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Thread: wolfgang pucks?

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    I think there are a few different restaurants even though I only remember seeing one? theres a cafe a dining room a quick service of some kind?

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    i've only had teh quick service and i think it's very good value, they do lovely marinated chicken and that's what i tend to have. It is our choice for a counter service meal at down town.

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    Wolfgang Puck's has three places on the west side (all contained in the same building). The Express, the Cafe and the upstairs gourmet restaurant.

    There is another Express on the Marketplace side. It has been refurbished and has nice seating indoors and out.

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    express was ok
    cafe was fine, had a nice meal and DW had a whole chicken plonked on the plate it was nice though

    the upstairs dining room was a total anticlimax. Expensive and utterly not worth it very loud, service only mediocre. Wouldn't go back
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    Isn't that Cafe chicken amazing! LOLOLOL! I remember the first time I ordered it I nearly croaked! It makes for a couple of good meals though! (Provided you have a way to take it away with you).

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    I have also been to the dining room at Wolfgang pucks. It was very expensive and definitely not worth the money. I was disappointed.

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    We realy like the Express at the Marketplace. The Quesadilla is fantastic


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