Yakitori House

Last updated 13th September, 2008

This counter service restaurant is hidden at the left of the Japan part of Epcot. Traditional japanese dishes such as noodles and tempura.

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Chicken Ginger Salad - Garden Salad topped with broiled chicken thigh meat and our original ginger dressing. - $6.29
Garden Salad - Made with Ginger dressing, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage and carrot. - $3.29
Miso Soup - Miso & Bonito broth soup with green onions and seaweed. - $2.29

Entree/Main Course

Japanese Curry - Spicy curry sauce with onions, carrots, potatoes, and beef served over steamed rice. - $6.49
Kaki-Age Udon - Vegetable tempura with shrimp, and udon noodles served in a clear broth with green onions. Tempura shrimp udon $7.99 - $6.49
Shogun Combination - Teriyaki chicken thigh, Sukiyaki beef and steamed rice. - $6.99
Sushi Tokyo Roll - Avocado, cucumber, crab meat and smelt roe reverse rolled in sushi rice and seaweed. - $6.99
Teriyaki Chicken - Chicken thigh served with teriyaki sauce and steamed rice. - $5.99
Tonosama Combination - Teriyaki chicken thigh, Sukiyaki beef, mixed vegetable tempura with shrimp and steamed rice. - $7.49


Ginger Cake - Sponge cake with ginger flavored icing. - $3.99


Green Tea - $1.79
KIRIN Draft or KIRIN Light - 12oz KIRIN Draft or Light OR KIRIN Ichiban Draft 20 oz $6.75 - $4.75
Milk - $0.99
Hot Chocolate - $1.59
Sake or Plum wine - $4.25
Selection of Soft Drinks - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, or Iced Green Tea. Regular $1.99 or Large $2.29 or Bottled Dasani Water $2.50

While every effort is made to be accurate and up to date, Disney can and does make constant changes to their menus. The menu shown here should be used as a guideline only for food and pricing.