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Thread: The Middle Wife

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    I was reading with a 5 year old girl in Steven's class and she told me that they had been to Egypt for their holiday and her big brother had gone swimming in the sea and got stung by a jelly bean.

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    My young relative in California (7 at the time) and I were talking about foods we liked and disliked. She said that she liked macaroni and cheese, and Mexican macaroni and cheese.

    Me: "Oh? I've never had Mexican macaroni and cheese."

    She: "My mother makes it."

    Me: "Oh?"

    She: "It's burnt macaroni and cheese."

    I nearly croaked! The mother is a notoriously bad cook and as a result those children have a dreadful diet of McDonald's and Burger King.

    At any rate, I got a good chuckle out of her definition of burnt macaroni and cheese. (Oh, her mother is Mexican, hence the "Mexican" designation).

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