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Thread: different cuts of steak?

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    Ive always meant to ask which is the most tasty cut? there are so many different options at some of the disney steakhouses and when we tried shulas well we had no idea which to choose

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    Purely depends upon your own taste of course.

    I like filet mignon because it has little fat. Conversely, I like a rib eye (or Delmonico as the eye is sometimes called) because it has all that flavor (a result of being a fattier cut of meat).

    NY Strip is the sirloin "half" of the t-bone or porterhouse steak, which have a portion of filet on the other side. Porterhouse will have the larger portion of the filet and usually has a "tail."

    Prime rib is a huge roast of which a slice is cut for the individual diner.

    Sirloin can be quite nice (a less expensive cut of mean) low fat and high flavor but it takes a good line cook to get it right (or it will be too tough to enjoy). I like sirloin when it's right.

    Flank, and skirt are those steaks that need to be cut against the grain, or in thin strips, to be edible. You'll see them in fahitas, or sometimes a flank will be stuffed and rolled and braised.

    That is not all steak by any means, but I hope it helps a bit?

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