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Thread: Free Dining Returns

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    what I was told is this : children are not charged to stay at the resort . That said $63.00 per person per day ( even children ) for 4 nights/5 days . Do you see where this is leading . Wording is funky, but it is what it is . If my friend and I pull this off , its only 2 adults 3 nights/4 days . We are getting two day base MYW . Still a good deal considering $63.00 per person, per day times 2 people comes to $378.00 without tax ( I was quoted $576.36) and we both get a 2 day base tix . Difference is $198.36 with the tax and tix . Since a 2 day tix is approximately ( guessing ) $150.00 . I'd say its still a good deal .
    Did that make any sense at all ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taja, post: 50073
    Okay, scratch most of my first post. Excluding taxes, I'm using the following for calculation purposes: $82 per night for value room, $70 per day for MYW base ticket, $45 per day for DDP. The rack rate for a value room during value season is $82, the others should be good approximations.

    1 person rack rate: $197
    2 people rack rate: $394

    Assuming the package rate would be $63 x 4 for up to 2 adults and 2 children, the daily rate is $252. So it would still be a good price for two adults, based on rack rate.

    Discounts could alter everything, though.
    One person rack rate is right but 2 people rack rate is $312 they only charge for the room once.


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    Obviously, too crazy for my logical brain!

    Good thing we aren't big fans of free dining.

    Although Leu & Grandpa Sweetie just might be tempted if there is a general offer during cooler, off-season weather next year. They have relatives in the Tampa area--just depends on what everyone is doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dzneeprincss, post: 50531
    One person rack rate is right but 2 people rack rate is $312 they only charge for the room once.
    that is Marie ... Even for me !!! Explain what that means , they only charge for the room once . Its per person/per day ! Eh ? Oh nevermind ... I was born

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