I mentioned before that my co-worker's husband has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). They have 2 small children and both of them are quite young as well.

She told me yesterday that they are still planning on taking their anniversary trip in Dec. Their anniversary is in June but they wanted the kids to go so Dec it is. They are staying at Caribbean Beach and have bought the dining plan. They go to WDW every year so are somewhat familiar with all it entails. They also have trip insurance and can move the dates up if the husband's health starts to fail.

She wasn't familiar with any of the accomodations available for people with disabilities. I mentioned these to her:

1. Renting an ECV or wheelchair. Gave her info for Randy's Mobility (momused them before and they were great). Since fatigue is a huge issue for ALS, this would be a great thing for him

2. GAC- adv that it can be obtained at Guest Services in each park and is good for length of stay and the 4 main parks. I just told her she would need to let the CM know what accomodations he will need

3. I did mention the special places to view parades/shows

4. I mentioned that they have an array of handicapped accessible rooms available at the resorts and gave her more info on that.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I might be leaving out?

My co-worker is a very sweet lady and has absolutely astonished me with her capacity to still be concerned about others when this horrible thing has happened in her life.

I also hope they have a completely wonderful trip. I know this may very well be the last time they get to do this as a family. I was thinking of sending something to them when they go. Any suggestions regarding that?

Thanks so much!