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Thread: best food court?

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    strange question perhaps but we get a lot of breakfasts from food courts, which resorts have the best? Im hoping the polynesian has a 24hr because that ones for next year

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    I always thought the ones at port orleans both sides, were good! they seem to have a good range of food such as chicken, rice and various other non-burger stuff.

    The all stars tend to be well setup for food courts and the deluxes less so in my experience
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    Poly does have a twenty four hour food court. It's total chaos for breakfast! We didn't eat there, just walked through and WHEW!!! What a zoo!

    The food court in The Land at EPCOT has excellent choices for breakfast. Quite a variety, and prices are fairly reasonable. We've actually shared the breakfast platter that is available at one of the counter service places.

    Haven't been over to All Stars in some time, but used to always prefer their food court to all others. Not sure if it is still as nice, but would be worth at least a quick check.

    Wasn't a huge fan of Pop Century's food court, but again haven't been over there to eat in some time either. I didn't even realize that they'd closed the bar until I read it online.

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    Really liked the food court at POR, it was less frenetic than the one at ASMo, it had less of a selection but the food was a bit more interesting. Only ever use them at breakfast time though.


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    Not exactly a food court as such, but I`ve seen a lot of folks taking breakfast at Gasparilla`s at the GF which is open 24 hours and is a pleasant 5/10 minute walk from the Poly.

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    I like the food court at Coronado Springs the best.

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    We stayed at Coronado Springs and we absolutely loved the hotel. The Pepper Market seems to be either one of those places you love or hate, but i think it is excellent value especially if you are on the dining plan. The one thing I didnt like was that you cant get the type of breakfast platter available at the All Stars and Pop and they dont do pancakes! Otherwise it was great.


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    I liked the food court at POR and Pop Century. We usually check a box on the plane full of breakfast stuff. We would go to the food court and "borrow" some peanut butter and jelly packets (from the condiments area) to make a sandwich. We would also use our refill cups to get milk for our packed cereals. We use to go very econo. I did like the food court at Cornado but we were not on the DDP and wooooo, it was expensive!! I never really cared for the food court in All Star seemed too noisy (but we were there at spring break).

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    Oh goodness! Spring break is quite a busy time. I've gone econo too. I remember borrowing packets of mayo from the old counter service place at Canada. (Now McDonald's). They were the only place that had little packets of sweet oinions too.

    Good times.

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    Cap't Cooks at the Poly has Pineapple Dole Whips .

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