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Thread: walk from epcot to the studios?

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    Is this possible and if so anyone know how long it would take approximately?

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    Not sure it is without walking accross carparks etc - I always found getting around on foot quite tricky - I suppose I wqould walk from epcot to the swolphin and then get the boat from there to the studios - I find the last bit the most difficult bit to do

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    If you leave Epcot from the International Gateway and walk past BC and YC you can follow the road along the canal to the Studios. It's probably about a 1/2 hour walk which isn't great in the heat of the day but it really is a lovely walk along the water. We never bother with the boat because unless it's actually coming, we can get nearly always get to the studios before it comes.

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    There is a very well marked and lighted path that runs from EPCOT past the Boardwalk, Beach and Yacht Club and Swan and Dolphin Hotels to DHS. On a not to hot day it is a nice walk, but there is no, or limited shade. There is also a motor launch that travels between the two.

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    It is a very pleasant walk too, but as others have said, not one to do when the sun is beating down on you!

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    You can easily walk out of the IG, taking a left at the top of the hill, over the bridge heading for the boardwalk.

    Once you come to the end of the building's by Jellyroll's take another left and simply follow that concrete walkway all the way to DHS. It's not long, tops maybe 20 minutes? (I am a lousy guess of time). It takes about 30 minutes by ferry, and I've made it before the ferry, so that's why I'm guessing 20 minutes.

    We like the walk.

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    Its a nice walk but not one to do in the summer months. We generally take the boat across from Epcot to HS.


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    We did this walk when we stayed at Boardwalk last year. It took about a half hour. And the walk takes less time than the boat..really it does.. It is a very nice, well lit path, but it can also be terribly hot during the heat of the day..

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