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Thread: hoop dee doo categories?

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    do they ever seat people upstairs? we have a category which looks like it could be which we wouldnt really want?

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    Yes people are seated upstairs in the balcony. The performers did go upstairs as well to include everyone when we were there.


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    yep they certainly do sit people upstairs!

    I have mixed opinions on it. Certainly you can still see everything although not quite as head on, you're certainly still involved since the actors come upstairs and they do a great job there.

    My problem is that you can be seated with your back to the action which means turning all the way round. At least on the ground level you can rearrange a little and turn your chair round, it's harder upstairs with the seats against the railing.

    My other thought is its great up there because they don't pick on you as much

    They assign categories based on how full up they are, so I wouldnt hold much hope for being able to swap although I guess it's worth a try if youre really not happy

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