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Thread: can we take food and drink into parks?

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    I heard we werent allowed because they were selling their own but I always see people with picnics and water so it must be ok?

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    Yes, for WDW parks it is absolutely ok. Nothing in glass containers of course, an dno alcohol (and no sharp knives) but you can certainly take in your own food. We do it quite often. First, because we have dietary restrictions, and second (when we have Seth) we feel it's much kinder to little tummys to keep the same sort of food "schedule." Third, and possibly most important is that it is much more cost effective to carry your own food and water!

    We use a soft sided cooler that gets much lighter as the day goes on. It's easier with Seth because we hav eht stroller, but when it's just the two of us, we just carry a smaller soft sided cooler.

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    Oh yes, Disney is ok with you bringing in food and drinks (see Tink's post for what you can't bring in). I would only think it would be a problem if you were bringing in a huge cooler. Though I did see someone at DL with maybe it isn't a problem.

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    It's not. I've seen folks with those wheeled coolers! I wouldn't want to be bothered by that much, but hey...whatever floats your boat (or fills your tummy, eh)?

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    we always take something in every trip

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    Taking food and water into the parks is a must for us! With one diabetic and two kids on meds they need food stat and I can't wait in line for it. We have never been questioned and we load up a bookbag full of goodies.

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