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Thread: bugs at disney?

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    This is for a friend, myself Im happy that Ive seen very few bugs but she's worried that in florida because of the climate there will be bugs and some poisonous ones around disney? I've never heard of this, havent seen any evidence but said I'd ask

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    I was just there and there was hardly any bugs!

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    Well, I guess that means what sort of bug? Flying bugs, crawling bugs, hopping bugs?

    There are the ever lovely, ever terrifying to most, palmetto bugs (think huge cockroach). Although they get indoors from time to time, they pretty much stay outside and you many not see any. There are cockroaches, of course but WDW does an incredible job of keeping them under control in all their buildings. (By the way, if you happen to see on in a restaurant-LEAVE).

    There are bees and wasps, too. Nothing unusual there. Gnats and mosquitos that will sting you. Lovebugs that are seasonal and won't do anything to you at all. Assorted sundry other bugs that you won't even notice.

    So, I'd tell her not to worry a bit.

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