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Thread: weather in january

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    whats the weather like at wdw in january?

    we normally go in the middle of summer but cant next year so looking at different dates. it wont seem the same

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    We have been every year in January for about 5 years now. The weather is just right for us :p015:
    Evenings, you may need a jacket and long trousers but at times it is still very warm. Through the day, we have always worn t/shirts and sometimes shorts apart from one day last year when it was cooler.

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    As your deciding on your dates, you may want to check here for "typical" weather conditions!

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    Thank You Becca ! Not as cold as I thought it could be . Jim will be 50 on the 9th of January and I was thinking I may try to surprise him for a few nights .

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    January can be unseasonably hot! During a January visit (1997) I actually had to purchase additional shorts, as it was too hot! I managed to get a sunburn too.

    Be prepared to dress in layers. You should plan on running into everything from freezing temperatures, to the 80's!

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    we have been 4 times in January - if you are from the UK it is very much like a British Summer ! can be well into the 80's can dip into the 60's. Not much in the way of rain though and the parks are nice and quiet. Was in shorts and t-shirt most of the time. Occasionally going for shorts and a jumper. Can get cool if you stay up to watch firworks

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