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Thread: I'm going back!

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    Hmmm...we had a boardwalk view, but noise was never a problem when we were there. I guess we were lucky!

    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] But there's this one particular harbor..sheltered from the wind...where the children play on the shore each day and all are safe within...

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    We were right over the boardwalk, and right next to Jellyrolls. I am a WICKED light sleeper though, so keep that in mind. However, the baby wasn't and he kept getting woken by the noise (not from Jellyrolls proper, from the people who kept coming outdoors and talking loudly. Also, the acts on the boardwalk were part of the problem. We didn't hear one sound from the music at Jellyrolls which I thought was really unusual.

    I'm not a BWI/V fan though, so keep that in mind too. One of the beauties of Disney is that it has such a diverse collection of resorts. For someone like me who doesn't like the BW, there are many other choices. And for those who don't like my baby, OKW, they have a ton of other choices for them too!

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