I never even realized there was such a company . As you know by now I'm trying to surprise Pat & Kim with 10 nights at Old Key West in June . Why June ... well it was May but once the pin event was announced for June and my birthday is that date, I changed my mind fast .
I'm trying to work with a DVC member at $85.00 a night . His home resort is SS , but I'm hoping he can get us in OKW , if not SS will have to do
Now there are members that are renting at $14.00 a point . If I was going to pay that I'd book directly through Disney .
Right now , I got a price of a little over $3,000 in a studio for four versus $850.00 to rent . Its a no brainer which is the better deal . I wish I had known about this along time ago . I'd been saving all kinds of money . Now I do realize we are responsible for our own mousekeeping . Which is no biggie since my room is practically spotlees when we leave a resort . Do we bring our own sheets and towels along, too ? If so, I need to buy some queen sheets . So, has anyone ever done this rented points from or to ?
I have to if I owned I'd have no clue what this point system meant . Now I'm renting and told a friend that they will actually have points left over to rent if I get into OKW . I'm getting good at this .