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    sorry about all the questions i bet youre sick of me already

    is this ride too scary and fast for young children or is it one for the whole family?

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    It's for the whole family. It is dark in there and there is some cannon fire so that could potentially frighten small children. There is a very small drop at the beginning of the ride. The rest of the ride is a very slow moving boat ride

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    Agree with Johnie, it's a great ride for everyone. Just one really tiny drop and then a lovely ride. Great Johnny Depp in the animatronics

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    The six year old I took was really spooked by the cannon fire and the darkness (an issue with that child) so if your children don't like the dark, this could be a problem.

    We learned with the six year old that MUCH of WDW attractions are in the dark!

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    well we have one child who has loved this since he was 2 and one who is scared of it at 6 so its not always straightforwards, I thnk now they have ontroduced the Davy jones film as you go in it can make it a little scary TBH - best off riding it once with the older kids and see what you think

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    hmmm yes I think I'll take the older one first thanks!

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    depends on the child, you know them best.

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    all ours liked it!

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