I've done it, I've booked. :smiley4::smiley4:

I'm going Feb 6th - 8th staying at Sequoia Lodge.

I'm taking the half-board plan as it seems easier for me,so I can eat at the following places:

La Cantina (Disney's Hotel Santa Fe®)
Chuck Wagon Cafe (Disney's Hotel Cheyenne®)
Crockett's Tavern (Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch®)
Agrabah Café (Disneyland® Park)
Plaza Gardens Restaurant (Disneyland® Park)
Rendez-Vous des Stars (Walt Disney Studios® Park)
Annette's Diner (Disney® Village)
Hunter's Grill (Disney's Sequoia Lodge®)
Beaver Creek® Tavern (Disney's Sequoia Lodge®)
Cape Cod (Disney's Newport Bay Club)®
Parkside Diner (Disney's Hotel New York®, Lunch only)
Manhattan restaurant (Disney's Hotel New York®, lunch only)
Walt's - An American Restaurant (Disneyland® Park)
The Lucky Nugget Saloon (Disneyland® Park)
Silver Spur Steakhouse (Disneyland® Park)
The Steakhouse (Disney Village®)
La Grange at Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon (Disney Village)

I'm going to Walt's, but need to choose one other any advice?