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Thread: T-shirt Designs

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    If anyone wants a t-shirt design to transfer onto t-shirts, Like johnies in this thread;

    I can do most designs to any theme or anything, and if you want a special font, just tell me the name and I'll download it!

    It'll be first come first served, so please just let me know a few things in your reply;

    Front of T-shirt
    Colour scheme
    Wording (E.G 'Pina Colada tour '08)
    and any pictures (Please include them in your post, or provide a link, I need the largest version of the image you can find, otherwise there might be problems printing it when its enlarged )
    and also the colour of the t-shirt they'll be printed on (If its coloured/Black I need the image to be transparent.
    Back of T-shirt
    Same as above.

    If you don't want the t-shirt design posted in this thread publically, then just ask me and i'll e-mail or pM it to you once it's finished.

    If you are using transfer paper, you'll also need to flip the image (I can do this for you!)


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    You are so awesome Josh

    Tip for anyone getting a design....make sure to read the instructions about ironing FIRST. It's not nearly as simple as you'd think

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    Oh, this is so nice of you Josh!

    I hope this is not a limited time offer....I hope to have a trip in 1-2 years.

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    Could I have Edward Cullen wearing Mickey ears please? :wink:


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    Blimey thats a very generous offer mate - is there a charge?


    any lion king designs?

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    You be able to do a tshirt for me with Tigger and Pooh?

    It would be lovely surprise for my hubby! yes

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    i wanna have a Tshirt with a "felix" from a disney classic movie "A bug's life"

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