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Thread: Disney advert

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    i can't find it, sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by wishonastar, post: 51087
    its my favourite so far although does anyone remember the one where none of the family can get to sleep because theyre going to disney

    they have the BEST adverts
    Yes I remember that advert. I love the disney adverts. :p015:

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    Awww, this is one of my favourites.:p015:

    And I've found it for you!

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    youtube has a ton of brilliant disney ads! I love them but hate them at the same time, they are really good, but then i feel sad cos I'm not going there!
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    I saw a new one tonight while watching Dancing With The Stars . Different colored dancing Mickey Mouse head balloons following a little gir lb/c its her birthday , following a couple whom just got married, etc and ends with What Will You Celebrate This Year ? Come To WDW in 2009 and Celebrate With Us . SweeT !!!

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