Welcome to my world, Krista!

I'm salaried, so no additional income, but if I don't work up to the time I leave, there are too many things to be done when I return! Other than a few reports, no one does my job while I'm away. I have to be sure everything is completely organized for everyone else. And I do part of my job while on vacation--I download data, review it and upload it into our system so said reports done by others can be generated!

Sorry that Bryce isn't feeling well. That's probably your biggest concern at the moment. Hope he recovers quickly.

If you do laundry assembly-line fashion daily from the time you arrive home at night until you go to bed, you'll probably be fine. And if a few thing you aren't taking with you aren't done, they'll be waiting for you when you return. Cheery thought, isn't it?

You'll get everything done. You may be exhausted on the flight, but you'll be ready to go when you land in Florida!