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Thread: Possible to see fireworks from restaurant?

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    apologies if its been mentioned but I couldnt see it in a search

    Is there a restaurant at the magic kingdom where we can see the fireworks from and the same at epcot?

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    HMMMMMM I can't think of a place at MK where you could have a decent view of the fireworks :/ Crystal palace probably too close perhaps someone else knows

    Epcot you can have a somewhat limited view from a lot of restaurants around the lake and actually we had a nice view from the nine dragons last time we were there! The famous view is from the UK pub which has a little outside section you can try and eat at. It's fiercely conteste though with people hogging the seats for hours before the fireworks nursing their coke and refusing to leave If so, grab a fish and chips from Harry Ramsdens and sit in the little outside area by the shop. Hardly anyone there usually during the fireworks

    We tend to have a nice meal before, then go for a stroll, glass of champagne from the French pavilion and watch the fireworks from there
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    You can also have a very nice view from the Mexican cantina. NOT the indoor restaurant of course. Also, upstairs at Bistro de Paris, with a window table will afford you a view. Same for Japan, but that one is less predictable. The porch can be quite filled with people who block your view.

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    If--a very big if--you're able to be seated at a window table or nearby, you might have a limited view of the fireworks from Crystal Palace. It also dependson the table placement--some are better than others.

    There aren't a lot of window tables and nearly everyone will have the same idea. :sigh;

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    The best view of Wishes would be from the deck of the California Grill at the Contemporary. If you get a window seat, then you've got a great view of Wishes from 'Ohana at the Polynesian.

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