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Thread: good place to watch shuttle launches?

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    Is there a good place to see the shuttle launch other than from the space centre itself? We're already doing KSC on another day but would like to see the launch as close as possible

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    When we went in 96 we went to watch the launch and we were turned away at the gates as KSC was full. Dispondent we headed back and then saw a whole load of VW campervans covered in shuttle stickers - so we followed them and ended up on a beach ( possibly coral beach I really have no idea) and watched from there - had a great view accross the water - so It can certainly be done

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    I think I heard that titusville was the choice of locals?

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    Jetty Point at Cape Canaveral, Titusville is another good place. Even Cocoa Beach, or Satellite Beach. Actually, facing east (along any portion of the east coast from northern points to southern points from Cape Canaveral) will give you a very good vantage point.

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    it could have been any of thise I have no idea at all where we ended up I wasn't driving

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    we saw it from our hotel on IDrive not close but we saw it and there is no mistaking it

    it is to launch when we are out there so i suspect we also will be looking to the skies

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    Yes, if you face east and have any sort of unobstructed view at all, you will see the shuttle as it moves higher in the sky. Night launches are best as you see the entire horizon light up. It's absolutely incredible.

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