MVMCP & the Temporary Resort

We arrived at the TTC and parked somewhere; I can’t remember where, possibly Pluto. As you go through to the monorail and ferry boarding area you have to show your MVMCP ticket and you get a big button to wear. We decided on the monorail tonight as we thought it may just be a little too cold on the water at this time. It was standing room only and I kept Steven’s buggy folded while Adrian held him for the journey over. As we went through the Contemporary Resort a lady in our compartment announced, “Oh look, it’s the Temporary Resort.” For the rest of the journey we all stifled giggles and exited the monorail at the Magic Kingdom with comments such as, “It looked pretty permanent for a temporary structure.”

Through security and the turnstiles, we stop and grab a few special MVMCP park maps and show schedules before heading straight for the restrooms. We re-grouped outside and studied the schedule. The plan tonight was just to see the parade and as many other shows as possible. We knew we wouldn’t be able to see them all but we wanted to see the major stuff. We weren’t interested in doing rides; we’d be back in two days to do that. We’d already decided to do the later parade as Steven and Harry would be asleep by the first parade anyway. A quick glance revealed a show starting at 7pm in front of the castle so we put the buggies in front and used them as snowploughs to move everything in our path out of the way. Actually that was a joke, we strolled gently down Main St, enjoying the lights and the smells coming from the candy store and the bakeshop. There was a line of people waiting to get into The Emporium, which closed at 6pm sharp and would re-open at 7pm complete with MVMCP merchandise, and the all important limited edition pin.

We were at the castle at around 6.45pm and were able to get a spot a few rows from the front just to the left of the castle. For some reason the people at the very front felt the need to stand up – AND place small children on their shoulders. Some other guests, not us, informed them of the correct protocol for castle show-watching. The Magic Kingdom brass band thingies were on first. I can’t remember their correct name and the guide is upstairs right now. Anyway they played some festive music to get us all into the spirit. I noticed that all the musicians had really bright, shiny instruments, except the trombone player whose trombone was, well really manky. Not shiny at all. I notice stupid things like that.

After the castle show, which featured many of your favourite Disney characters, we shot back to The Emporium and dashed in to buy our necessary merchandise. Matching sweatshirts for me and Steven; though the smallest size they had will probably fit him eventually when he’s around 5. And the pins. They let you have 2 per ticket: Adrian and myself bought 2 each as we had to take some home for Christmas gifts, and Big Steve and Lisa bought 2 each too. They didn’t know what for, they just bought them because they could. The CM marks your wristband to show that you have had your quota.

Then Steven had a meltdown and we lost Nanny Lesley. The latter was resolved fairly quickly; she was waiting for us at the wrong door and was quickly retrieved. Steven was a little more complex. We sat outside The Emporium and I gave him a bottle. That didn’t work. I carried him. That didn’t work. Adrian carried him. That worked a bit. He was doing the tired but not sleeping thing. Adrian had a bit of a meltdown at me saying Steven should be back home in bed. He was right, but…

I had spent over a year planning this holiday. I had done all the planning myself for all 8 people. I had no help. I did all the planning, organising, booking, making PS arrangements, based on what restaurants other people wanted to eat in. I wanted to do one thing on this holiday, just one thing. MVMCP. I knew it would be a late night for the kids, but it was one late night. OK maybe I was being selfish but I thought – I just want to do one thing, I’ve organised the whole thing around what everyone else wants to do, so just for 4 hours I will be selfish.

It started snowing on Main St. We walked through to Tomorrowland, bypassing the enormous lines for hot chocolate and photographs, and made our way to the Tomorrowland Theater for the Twas the Night Before Christmas show. We sat near the back and by the time the show started it was standing room only. Steven fell asleep during this show and Adrian calmed down a bit. The show featured many of your favourite Disney characters who had managed to dash over from the castle show to be here for this performance.

After this show we walked round towards Fantasyland with the aim of seeing the special Wishes at 9pm. First we needed food though. Cosmic Rays was open so it was cheeseburgers all round. Except Ellie who wanted popcorn. Ellie went and got her popcorn while the rest of us got our cheeseburgers and we sat on a bench outside as it was a pleasant evening. Steven and Harry were away in their buggies as we predicted they would be. My pen ran out at this point, which meant that there could be no further trip report notes. However, Adrian came to the rescue and dashed into Mickey’s Startraders for 2 pens: one for me and one for Ellie who have previously mislaid her autograph book pen. So I was now taking trip report notes with one of those big chunky autograph pens.

We stood by Dumbo to await the start of Wishes. All the Dumbos had Santa hats on. There was a small crowd of people here waiting for the fireworks but I imagine the majority of the guests were out at the front of the castle where everyone says you have to stand. The fireworks started and it quickly became apparent that we were standing right in the middle of the display: they were going off all around us and exploding practically on top of us. It was unlike any firework experience I’ve ever had: it was truly amazing. I understand that there is a plot to these fireworks, which you cannot follow from where we were standing, but having these things go off right over our heads was unbelievable. At the very end when we stood in the centre of a waterfall of fireworks, Lisa was jumping up and down screaming like a small child. Magic. Pure magic.

As we made to exit Fantasyland we noticed that Belle was just about to start telling a story just by the entrance to Ariel’s Grotto. Ellie went and sat at the front with the other children while the rest of us stood at the back and took it in turns to visit the nearby restrooms that were for Princes and Princesses. After this we wandered through Fantasyland and into Liberty Square where we stopped at Columbia Harbor House for our hot chocolate and cookies. We sat down here for a bit while we had our drinks; I had worse hot chocolate in my life but don’t expect gourmet. By the way the lines for the photos were so long all night that we didn’t bother with this.

Time was getting on now so we went off to look for a spot for the parade. We spotted the elusive flashing ears on a cart and dashed over. When we had entered the Magic Kingdom Ellie had seen these flashing pink ear things and asked for a pair. I told her we’d get them later on after we’d done stuff, and of course never saw them in the whole of the park until the man wheeled his cart by. One pair of flashing ears later we settle down outside the Hall of Presidents to watch the parade. Turned out to be a great spot as the parade started in Frontierland and came straight down towards us before turning and heading for Main St. The parade was simply magical; the best one I’ve ever seen. And it went on forever, until the big Santa guy ho-ho-ho’d his way past us, and it was over.

We decided to call it a night here as it was well past 11pm and Ellie was starting to fade. We jigged our way down Main St, through the snow, and out of the park. We caught the ferry back across to the TTC and it turned out to be not too cold after all. We were parked back in row 78 according to my notes and we decided just to walk all the way otherwise it meant getting the sleeping boys out of the buggies and folding them all down to get on the tram. As we got in the elevator back at the hotel Steven and Harry both woke up. Don’t know about Harry, but Steven wouldn’t settle in his cot and ended up in bed with me at half past midnight.

Tomorrow we shop.