The one with the nappy

After we’d done the two main malls we drove over to the annex section for a quick whiz round in there. We just about got through the doors of the Reebok shop before an employee came over to play with Steven: it’s getting embarrassing. We spent quite a while in here and many pairs of trainers were purchased before moving next door to the Tommy Hilfiger shop. The prices here were surprisingly unexpensive so more time and money were spent here. I bought Steven a lovely top and pair of trousers, but then had to make a hasty exit from the shop as he has had a bit of a runny nose for a few days and chose this moment to sneeze the contents of both nostrils on to my shoulder. After a quck clean-up we wandered into the Timberland shop where something very strange happened – Adrian started browsing. All he’d done all day was look after Steven while the rest of us shopped till we dropped, but now he was browsing, and even more, he soon became the new owner of a fleece jacket.

Just time for a quick whizz through the Nike shop before driving a short distance to the first Denny’s we came to on I-Drive. Oh I remember now that it was raining really hard when we pulled up here so my previous statement about rain incidents was misleading. We dashed into the restaurant after Adrian had made such a mess of putting on his jacket that it would have been quicker to just run in his shirt sleeves and slumped at a table. Our server was um, less than orthodox looking, but very efficient nonetheless. Just a bit gairy.

The kids menu here was only $2.49 so we ordered Steven mac and cheese from the menu. It’s not that there was nothing suitable for him anywhere else we ate, it’s just that I can’t justify paying $6 or $7 for something for him to throw about. $2.49 is a little more reasonable though and it was nice to get a proper meal for him. Oh I ordered the nacho special here and it was extremely good, especially considering we were in Denny’s. Nothing against Denny’s, but it’s cheap and cheerful food, you don’t go in there for the quality, but this was a pleasant surprise. Steven ate a significant amount of his mac and cheese too, and for a mere 79c he got a dish of vanilla ice cream to follow. We’ll just say that Harry has behaved better on this holiday so far, no further discussion of the subject.

After we’d finished our dinner the plan was to shoot up to the Premium Outlet Mall for a super-quick look round there so we went back to the cars, except Adrian, who took Steven to the restroom to change him. We sat in the cars and waited. And waited. And waited. And wound down our windows and turned up the radios to check we were both still on the Christmas music station. All waited. And all sang along to a Christmas song loudly and badly. And waited. And eventually Adrian and Steven emerged. It appears the mac and cheese had made a pretty swift journey through Steven’s digestive system and, well it took some cleaning up. It was so bad that Steven’s vest was now in a trash can in the men’s restroom. Glad I missed out on that one.

Anyway a short drive and we’re pulling in at the Premium Outlets Mall. Nanny Lesley was going to come with Adrian, Steven and myself but Ellie started crying so she went with the others instead. We decided that we’d just have a quick look round and head back to the hotel. We had a package to collect from the shop that had some of Nanny Lesley’s purchases in so we told her we’d drop them in her room for her when we got back. One thing about multiple room bookings: any room card will open any of our rooms. Quite handy if you need to get stuff from another room. Probably best to try knocking first though. Anyway we went into the Osh Kosh store here for more stuff for Steven: this brand is soooooo expensive in the UK, it’s about 3 times as much as what we paid in Orlando, and it’s quality so we stocked him up for the next year. A quick look in the Reebok store before emerging empty-handed with a grumpy Steven. We decided not to risk any further shops and just went straight back to the hotel.

Adrian went to collect our package while I gave Steven his milk. We also gave him a dose of cold medicine because of the aforementioned runny nose. It was also hoped that this might help him sleep a bit better, but shortly after taking the medicine he started bouncing off of all the walls.

Everything we had bought today went straight into our bags ready for the journey home. It all still fits and there is some space still. I drop Nanny Lesley’s purchases off in her room and then we sit and watch Steven bounce all around the room before he finally wore himself out and we all went to sleep.

Coming up – one of us gets their first haircut, and one of us visits First Aid.