Where we get 5 people in a teacup

We walked the secret path between Mickey’s Toontown and Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain but they were having some kind of “it’s not working” problem. We headed instead, to Frontierland for a trip around Big Thunder Mountain. There was about a 20 minute wait so we found Nanny Lesley a nice shady spot as she was waiting with Harry and Steven, and we joined the line. It actually moved fairly quickly but this is one of those lines where there’s extra bits of line hiding around corners so you just think you’re nearly there and then you go round a corner and there’s a whole lot more line. Our boarding the train was also somewhat delayed by the group of like, cheerleaders in front of us who didn’t, like understand the two to a, like gate boarding instructions.

It was kind of heading towards lunchtime and what must you eat when in Frontierland? Turkey Legs! Actually it was hot dogs for Ellie, Harry, and Nanny Lesley, and turkey legs for the rest of us. Those beasts have a lot of meat on them, don’t they? I gnawed at mine for ages and still only got about half way through it. Nice and tasty, but it just overwhelmed me in the end. We sat outside the shops in Frontierland for a while waiting for the next Country Bears show and Ellie found some barrel tables with checker boards on top so she and Nanny Lesley tried to have a game while we rested. Harry, however, decided that he wanted to play too and kept moving random pieces around the board. Luckily it was nearly Country Bears time so we got away from there before violence broke out on the checker board.

The Country Bears were doing their Christmas show, which I’d never seen before. We all thought this was great, and not gairy at all. What was gairy though, was the condition of Harry and Steven’s backside regions when we stood up to leave here. Lisa and myself scurried off to the nearest restroom to deal with the dual fallout. Harry wasn’t actually too bad but Steven emerged from the restroom minus his shorts, which were a trifle damp. Oh well, again we had forgotten the spare trousers but at least it was a fairly warm day.

Mickey’s Philharmagic was next on the agenda so we chugged around to Fantasyland, abandoned the buggies somewhere in the vicinity of the carousel and got into line. The line was moving fairly well until we got inside the building where we ground to a halt. We all sat down on the floor for a bit and then a CM came out and did the “technical difficulties, hopefully just a few minutes” spiel. Many people left the line at this point but we waited until we got the “technical difficulties, we don’t know when it will be fixed,” message, just to make sure we had broken it good and proper.

There was a bit of a line for Winnie the Pooh so we got Fast Passes and went off to do something else. Ellie decided we needed to go on the teacups. I’ve never been on these in all my visits here so I needed to go on too. Nanny Lesley and Adrian opted out and stayed with Steven while the rest of us got in line. Harry went through the turnstile in front of me but didn’t ping it round properly so I whacked the turnstile to get it in the right position and it pinged round and banged Harry on the back of the head. He gave me such a look. Well, we managed to get three adults and two children into one teacup. No mean feat, I can tell you. I had to stand up so we could get the little door shut. Then Big Steve crushed my thumb trying to spin the wheel in the middle but luckily the music was so loud you couldn’t hear what I called him.

Harry is mad on cars, or any other kind of motorised transport for that matter and had been desperate for a go on Tomorrowland Speedway ever since he discovered its existence. There had always been a huge line up until now when the wait was only about 20 minutes, so now was our chance. Big Steve got in line with Harry and Ellie decided that I needed to take her on too. The rest waited on a shady bench by the entrance. Lucky the line has some shade here now because you could definitely feel the sun on you by now. The plan was to let the children do the steering while the grown-ups controlled the speed. Actually worked rather well. I was in front with Ellie and Big Steve and Harry were behind. All I could here all the way round was Big Steve laughing behind me. Every time I looked round all I could see was Harry’s hands on the steering wheel and the very top few strands of his hair. Ellie actually did quite well once she’d mastered the steering wheel. Apparently Harry wouldn’t let Big Steve anywhere near the steering wheel and insisted on guiding his car all the way around the circuit.

We exited there and found the others still on their shady bench. Steven had acquired a new pair of trousers: one part of a tracksuit that Adrian had found in Mickey’s Startraders. Steven had also discovered that double strollers make great play areas. Forgot to mention that Ellie and Harry had a double stroller today. Steven was jumping around inside this having great fun.

We still had time to kill before our Winnie the Pooh Fast Pass window opened and so far there had been a serious lack of Mickey bar consumption on this trip so we had time now to rectify that. : Nanny Lesley went to get her and Lisa a soft serve ice cream – remember Lisa doesn’t like chocolate. I went off to get Mickey bars for the rest, and with instructions to get Harry “something other than a Mickey bar.” I got him an Itzakadoozie, which he was very impressed with. He kept coming up to me and saying, “look at my ice lolly, you bought it for me.” After a very satisfying Mickey bar break, and a milk break for Steven, it was time for us to venture back into Fantasyland to visit Winnie the Pooh. Though Harry would much rather had stayed near the cars.