In the Tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki room

Friday 12th December

Steven woke up at 7am and came bouncing to life as soon as the milk hit his throat. He bounced around the room until bathtime and after bathtime we all went down to the food court full of like, cheerleaders for our like, breakfast. I guess I had another like, western omelette today. Have I told you like, how good they are here? The cheerleaders were a bit noisy but well behaved and there was still plenty of space to sit down.

We went back to the rooms after breakfast to do as much of the packing as we possibly could so that tomorrow we’d only have to throw the last few things in the bags. As it turned out we didn’t throw them in, we squeezed, crammed, and shoved them into every last nook and cranny in the bags. Adrian said we needed to buy another bag: I assured him it would all fit and informed him that there was still some shopping left in me and not to panic about the bags – I would take care of it.

A small change of plans arose. Big Steve and Lisa definitely did need to acquire another bag so they were to take Harry and buy the bag then do more packing before meeting us at the Magic Kingdom. We were to take Ellie with us; Nanny Lesley had Ellie’s park pass safely tucked in her bag. We arranged to meet around 12.30pm outside the First Aid Center. Somewhere we all new where to find now. Harry still had the concrete imprint on his forehead by the way.

I think we parked in Minnie this time. It was somewhere I’d never parked before anyway. We got the ferryboat across to the Magic Kingdom noting that the Temporary Resort was still there and still not looking too temporary. Nanny Lesley produced Ellie’s pass, let her put it in the turnstile, and then tucked it away safely again once she was inside. Ellie was on a mission now. She had one more space in her pressed penny book for a pressed quarter and nothing was going to stop her getting one right now. Crafty things those pressed penny books; sneaking a space for half a dozen pressed quarters in there too. Of course you can’t leave that page empty can you? Anyway there was a machine under that Main St Railroad Station that did the quarters so Ellie headed there first. And of course she didn’t have her purse with her so Auntie Dawn and Uncle Adrian had to come to the rescue – again.

After the pressed penny stop it was the usual restroom stop and then we headed up Main St, fighting desperately to keep Ellie away from all the retail opportunities along there. Would have been easier if they hadn’t turned Main St into a strip mall, but hey if Eisner says the only thing that matters is making money then who are we to argue.

Main St safely negotiated, with the promise of shopping opportunities later (like when Big Steve and Lisa turn up with Ellie’s purse) we hang a left at the castle and swing into Adventureland, which is open at the same time as the rest of the park today. Seems it opens at 9am on some days and 10am on others. Don’t ask me which days because it seemed totally random to me. I’m sure there was a pattern to it, but I couldn’t figure it out. But I digress again. We’re in Adventureland and Ellie is asking after the carpet thingys. I tell her “It’s like Dumbo but with carpets instead of elephants.” She wants to go on so Uncle Adrian is volunteered to fly with her. There’s not much in the way of a line so they were on and off in fairly quick time, having managed to avoid the spitting camels.

Jungle Cruise also only had a short line so we lined up here and again I tried to convince Ellie that the big spider in the box was real. She takes some convincing now that she’s 6 and wise in the ways of the world. I can’t remember the name of our skipper but it’s either Adam, or Alan. I give him a 7 out of 10 on the skipper-scale.

The Tiki Birds beckoned now; for some reason Adrian particularly likes this one. I find it ok, but I wouldn’t dash here at park opening to make sure I got to see it. So we park Steven’s buggy and I cut my leg putting the stupid brake. This would never happen if the Magic Kingdom was level. You normal walking people may think this park is level, but just you think again. Pushing a buggy around soon made us aware of all the gradients around the park – some of them are pretty strong too. I would imagine wheelchair users are aware of the non-levelivity of the park too. Anyway, we park the buggy and get into line for the Tiki Birds. We watch the little pre-show thing outside and then the doors open and we start to file in. Nanny Lesley asks where we are going now. She thought the pre-show thing was the actual attraction and was just about to say that they could have made it a bit longer.

We sat at the end of a row in case I had to duck out with Steven when the Tiki gods started kicking up a fuss but I needn’t have worried. He loved it in here; even the thunderstorm didn’t warrant a gairy rating. Funny how he wasn’t phased at all by the storm in here, but he runs screaming from his rainmaker toy at home.

Time for a coffee break now so we stopped at the Sunshine Terrace thing and ordered three coffees and asked Ellie what she wanted to drink. Give a 6-year-old more than one option to choose from and this is not going to be a quick stop. Many minutes later she finally settled on orange juice and we sat down by the carpets where we all had our drinks and Steven had an early lunch of something or other. Probably something with added texture.