Saturday 13th December

And now, the end is near
And so I face, the final curtain...

So Steven wakes up on our final morning at 7.45am. We go through the morning routine for the last time and head to the food court for breakfast for the last time, and find Big Steve and Lisa having breakfast for the last time. After our last western omelette and overpriced box of Frosties we head back to our rooms to cram the last of our possessions into any bag space that we could get them. This was no mean feat I can tell you, and we ended up using every last square inch of space in those bags, and taking some things next door to give to Nanny Lesley to put in her bags. Harry was being a bit annoying, running up and down outside and banging on our window constantly. Despite our repeated warnings not to do so he continued to bang on the window and came seriously close to being duct taped into an elevator before his parents rounded him up.

Adrian was getting very stressed during the final packing too. I didnít help by keeping on losing things. My set of keys to our house were on the bed one minute and the next minute who knows where they were. They eventually turned up in Stevenís changing bag while I was looking for something else that I had temporarily misplaced. All the while Adrian was getting more and more flustered and not believing he wouldnít have to dash out and buy another bag and did we have enough of Stevenís milk for the flight home and all that kind of stuff. Iíve never seen him get that stressed over anything before; he got even more wound up when I started laughing at how wound up he was and told him to chill out a bit.

Big Steve had managed to get a baggage cart from somewhere and it took him and Adrian three trips to get all of our bags down and loaded into the cars. We carried down the last few bits and piece, and baby car seats and strapped them in. The trunks of these cars were loaded about as high as they could go, and we had the rear row of seats folded down in both cars. Good job we upgraded from the smaller cars at the airport; weíd have been looking at two trips otherwise. We left the cars and went to City Hall to check out. Our room bill came to $4.50 Ė phone calls to Adrianís family. All safely and sadly checked out we got one last drink from the Food Court and went for a last walk around the resort.

I managed to avoid being trapped in a hammock this time; that honour fell to Lisa. Big Steve managed to trap Harry in the Winnerís Circle fountains for a photo. Somehow the boy managed to keep his travelling home clothes dry. We made our way slowly back to City Hall and, youíre not going to believe this, we threw away our refillable mugs. Yep, all seven of them went into a trash can by the pool. While we were checking out we seriously looked around to see if there was anyone checking in that we could hand them off to, but the check-in area was deserted. We had not a single inch of luggage space left anywhere to get even one of these mugs in so we had no option but to ditch them.

Time for Ellie to have one last look around the gift shop. She was told that she wasnít allowed to buy anything as there was no more room to pack anything but she still wanted to have a look anyway. The rest of us sat on a bench outside the front of the resort and watched the buses coming and going. Ellie and Big Steve came out eventually and stopped at the pin cart out front and Big Steve bought Ellie a Tinkerbell lanyard to put all of her pins on. So much for no more room.

Eventually we could delay our departure no longer and we departed in our loaded vehicles for the airport. A short drive and two toll booths later and we are handing back our rental car and loading bags on to trolleys again. We somehow manage to get lost in the elevator from the parking level. We had forgotten that you have to go up then get out of the elevator and walk through a short tunnel to another elevator up to check-in. So we went up and down in this elevator a few times, opening and closing the doors to show the people waiting that yes, we were still in there , before we eventually realised our error and made our way up to check-in.

We arrived at the check-in area at 12.50pm to find a long line of people waiting to check in for the Virgin flights. A sign above the Virgin desks said that check-in opened at 1.30pm and that our flight departure was provisionally delayed until 8.45pm. The reason we had not used the Downtown Disney check-in was that we had car seats for Steven and Harry so we would still have had to check in at the airport anyway so we decided just to head straight for the airport and be done with it.

Check-in opened early at 1.10pm, probably because the line was causing such an obstruction because it snaked around the whole area. And according to the board our flight was now back on schedule. The check-in line moved veeeeeeeery slowly due to the new security checks they have implemented here. Also there wasnít enough room between the check-in desks and the queue area to wheel your baggage trolley so there was generally an air of chaos about the whole thing going on. We were eventually directed to a desk and handed over our tickets, passports, two references each, blood group details, and all the other information demanded of us from the check-in agent. She then started to tell us that we had too many bags to check in and would have to charge excess baggage. I remained calm as I knew we were not over our luggage allowance. She started to say 2 pieces per adult and a stroller carried free which left Stevenís car seat as excess baggage. I stayed calm still. To quote directly from the Virgin Atlantic website:

ďBaggage Allowance for Infants
Infants not entitled to a seat are entitled to 1 piece of checked baggage weighing no more than 10 kg and with dimensions of 9 x 14 x 22 ins. This is over and above the buggy or bassinet or car seat, the last 3 of which are carried free of charge.Ē

Stevenís car seat was well under 10kg so we were within our luggage allowance. I politely explained this to our check-in agent and asked that if she disagreed to go and check the website where this information is clearly available. She looked at me, looked at the loaded baggage trolley, looked at me, saw she wasnít going to win this one, and muttered something about all the pieces together not going over our weight allowance anyway and started to tag the bags. When she saw the light weight of some of the bags she started joking that we hadnít done enough shopping. For crying out loud lady, make up your mind. First we have too much luggage, now we donít have enough. I give up.