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Thread: what disney park music makes you happy?

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    Yeah, loved Tapestry of Nations bit...I listen to it on Live365, always makes me miss the visit back in 2000. Of course Wishes!!! Illumination!! We do so love spectromagic too.

    On a side note, our family loves the music on Splash it when you come outstide on the ride for the first time and the "blue bird" house has the birds do you do.

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    I ride Splash Mountain SOLEY for the purpose of singing Zippedee Doo Da

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beccaberry, post: 51722
    Definitely "We Go On" Illuminations music...Spectromagic...AK music....
    I always when that music comes on (can't find the cry smilie)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinker, post: 51651
    the music on Main Street USA .
    another Main Street , gal here. I dance my way to the castle and have often been told to act my age. I reply," I am ,I am at Disney."

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    I love all of it too. The illuminations music and wishes fireworks. :p015:

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