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Thread: TREX restaurant to open at DTD - October 14th

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    Guests will be greeted with life-size animatronic dinosaurs that live among cascading waterfalls, bubbling geysers, a fossil dig site and much more.

    There will be a meteorite shower every 20 minutes and an aqua bar complete with a 6,000-gallon shark tank and a large octopus with mechanical tentacles.

    A full-size skeleton replica of Argentinosaurus, one of the largest of the dinosaurs and copied from a museum specimen about 125 feet in length, looms over the entrance, joined by a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

    The theme carries over to the menu, which features items with names such as Caesarsaurus (Caesar salad), Raptor Ribs (Asian BBQ ribs), Pterodactyl Wings (Buffalo chicken wings), Triassic Tortellini (tri-colored cheese tortellini) and Gigantosaurus Burger (think really big hamburger)

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    Are there any menus and pricing for this yet ? and are disney dining taking reservations or do we call direct?

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    I am 7 years old again

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    Ok, so am I thinking this is kind of a better Rainforest? I can't wait for someone to go there and give a report.

    Oh and October 14th is my Anniversary, so someone should have something good for us :p015:

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