I'm so, so :207: . I am officially a Cast Member for our local Disney Store . I go in Saturday to fill out paperwork , orientation and pick up my uniform .
I never got to finish my trip report , but I have to tell you how this came to be at the most magical place in the world . Jim and I were leaving Ohana's after having breakfast . I heard from behind someone say * Hey, I Know Her * I kept walking as how would someone know me at The Poly and WDW . The next thing I hear is HEY and felt someone touch my shoulder . I turned around to see Sherry and her lovely family . Sherry is the manager of the Disney Store . I had spoke to her when the turnover was taking place . She thought she was going to be able to hire and needed a visual merchandiser . But since Disney was just taking over, they put a freeze on hiring . She told me to call her when she returned . I did better than that , I went to see her and she hirde me on the spot . I will be working days as a visual merchandiser and sign coordinator . I can't believe it . There really is magic and pixiedust working on everyone at WDW . Sorry, I can't contain myself