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Thread: polynesian or Beach club

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    The Beach Club is wonderful! No, it's not public at all! The pool is very closely controlled. It's a beautiful resort, with great service and even greater location!

    I am not a fan of the Boardwalk Inn/Villas for a number of reasons.

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    No more than any other pool is. The pool is surrounded by deck chairs and rather than being round or oblong, it meanders along with lots of turns.Yes, there are people strolling around but it doesn't detract from the magic of the water. There is also a great poolside snack bar. I honestly can't think of a better pool in Disney.

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    No one is able to get inside the pool fence/gate though unless they are staying there.

    Actually, given the way the pool meanders as Piglet says, it's got all sorts of little out of the way places.

    Besides, the Boardwalk pool is that scary CLOWN!

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    I have to say I havent actually stayed at either... but .... having visited both.. I have to agree with everyone...

    I think the one advantage of the poly is the monoriel....then again, this also works against it because there are just too many people at the lobby...

    the "feel" of the poly is really hectic... at least the lobby and the restaurants, whereas we found the beach club far more relaxing...

    Also, the beach club feels more elegant.. hahaha.. at least I thought it did....

    we had dinner there, the BEST dinner buffet we had, and then spent about an hour in one of the courtyards with Tatiana running around....

    and the pool is not easily accesible... I think the poly one is easier to reach, as is the poly's beach

    we enjoyed the walk to Epcot...

    so... yes.. another vote for the beach club....

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