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Thread: polynesian or Beach club

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    Which would you choose for a really all out holiday? Both are expensive and close to mk or epcot both of which we like equally

    The polynesian looks a bit old and battered but people keep going on about how good it is and I dont hear the same love for the beach club

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    We liked them both, but if I had to pick one it would be the Beach Club . I enjoyed walking to the Boardwalk Bakery each morning for breakfast . I liked being able to walk to Epcot and the boat ride was a nice change to MGM .
    Tinker really enjoyed Stormalong Bay . She never wanted to leave .

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    wow thats one vote for the beach club then. you make it sound so nice too

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    believe me wishonastar if she could have stowed away there and got away with it , she'd still be there . LOL

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    Oh! You don't know me too well, do you? I love the Beach Club!

    We recently stayed at the Polynesian where we were given a complimentary upgrade to concierge. That was really nice, no argument there.

    However... the pool was a big disappointment. We used the quiet pool instead. There is no hot tub. Having to walk outdoors to reach your longhouse is not my favorite thing to do. The rooms are spacious enough, but dark. It can be considered soothing, or gloomy depending upon your taste. The CMs there are either wonderful or horrid, no in between. Watch out for the drinks at the pool bar. Ours came complete with bees.

    The Beach Club is light and airy and very New England cottage! The CMs are always willing to go the extra mile, and you'll love the Captain! Not having to schlep outside to reach your room is a nice bonus and the pool is of course, the best on the property. The hot tub is soothing and relaxing! The quiet pool is very nice too, and had it's own hot tub.

    We love Beaches and Cream, and Hurricane Hannah's for snacks, drinks and light meals. We really enjoy Cape May Buffet for dinner, and the Character breakfast is one of the nicest.

    So, after having stayed at both, I'll go with (non-Concierge) Beach Club over Concierge Polynesian any day.

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    I have to agree with Sister Tink as gorgeous as The Poly was... my favorite is still The Beach Club .
    my husband is soooooooo right . Stormalong Bay is like having a mini typhoon lagoon . Theres a lazy river with current and they rent tubes . Has a sand bottom . Nice swimming area . The ducks even like it . And a pirate ship slide that is on the beach side and sails you into the pool . I loved it , never wanted to leave .

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    Here's another vote for the BC (I was looking for your reply Tink, I knew it would be there somewhere :p015 I absolutely love this resort. The proximity to both Epcot and the studios, walking round the Boardwalk in the evening after a fantastic meal at the Yachtsman Steakhouse or even riding a surrey bike and trying to get rid of some of those calories that you've just put on. Watching the fireworks on the bridge, saying hi to Art the admiral at the BC who looks like the kind of man I'd want as my granddad. Swimming lazily round Lazy River and feeling the sand beneath your feet and discovering the hidden secrets of the beautiful gardens. Beaches and Cream is a fantastic diner. The whole area is absolutely tops for me

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    I knew you'd be along soon, Val!

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    Beach Club - especailly now they have refurbed the rooms. Stayed at YC last year - loved the location but preferred the 'feel' of the BC side.

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    we are hoping to stay at the beach club for half our upcoming holiday with the other half in a villa.

    is the beach club a better choice than the boardwalk? one thing about the pool, I've heard its great but with people walking past all the time to get to and from epcot isnt it a bit public?

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