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Thread: whats your favourite place for mk lunch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnie, post: 52352
    I think that's the Tomorrowland Terrace. They do an asian theme now. They are never open when I go so no idea if the food is good or not. It's a great spot to watch Wishes though.
    Yes, Ma'am that is what we did! Asian theme hunh? That sounds cool!

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    Another vote for Columbia Harbor House!

    We rarely do TS lunch inside the parks. If we do a TS lunch, it's usually on a non-park day and it's a late lunch, so we just have a salad or something for dinner.

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    Pecos Bill's for us.

    Unrelated but our all time favourite counter service was Tusker house in the AK.

    Itís going to be strange for us now itís gone.

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    Oh, I agree with you Bambi-Belle! We really enjoyed Tusker House and are not too thrilled with the buffet that is now there. It was our favorite place in AK to eat.

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    I love cosmic rays for mk lunch. :p015:

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    I guess I would have to say Casey's would be my favorite with Pecos Bill's and Cosmic Rays running a bit behind.

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