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Thread: if you had one day alone at wdw

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    I've done it alone. Get to Epcot for opening. Get coffee and breakfast from the Fountainview cafe and sit outside and watch the fountain and all the people skittering past not noticing it. Browse Mousegear for an hour. Take in Living with the Land. Slowly drift through the rose garden and get to World Showcase for opening. Slowly drift around taking in the entertainment. Stop in Germany for a Becks. Snack around the world. Linger in France at the patisserie. Just drift and watch people and things. Head out around 7pm and hit Downtown Disney for a couple of hours - sit outside Ghiradelli's with an ice cream before heading back to the hotel.

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    i do like to share it but i like to people watch and to mooch round the shops which my lot don't like to do, i usually do it while they're on gairy rides.

    I think if completely on my own i wouldn't have proper meals - i'd snack and drink my way round having my favourite things

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    You know? I never even pictured being there solo! I don't even conceive of doing WDW without at least Herself. Alone means the two of us. With others means we add some folks to our "always party of two."

    Am I disqualified now?

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    I wouldn't take a whole trip solo but I wouldn't mind a few hours alone. I'd do lots of browsing and shopping. I like to shop solo.

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    I've done solo . I'd go to the MK early for opening ceremonies ( have yet to see it ) then I'd go straight to the Main Street Bakery for a cinnamon bun & coffee . I'd watch the Main Street Trolley and performers . Its a must see for me every trip . I'd find Scoop Sanderson and pin talk with him on the newest and best releases .
    I'd then head for Fantasyland and get a FP for Peter Pans Flight . Go and see Mickey's Philharmagic and ride Its a Small World ... by then it should be time to ride Peter Pan's Flight . Afterwards, go back to Main Street and do some shopping at the Emporium . Go back to my resort for lunch, relax & a swim . Then I'd head over to Epcot /World Showcase and stroll the countries watching Off Kilter and other entertainment . I'd eat dinner at Germany and have a margarita in Mexico, where I'd find a spot for Illuminations .

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    I would go to HS and ride ToT all day long, and if there were a queue, everyone would just have to move for me! If I was feeling well enough after that I would go to Le Cellier or Kona for a nice meal.


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    I'd start off with the gorillas at AK, have a good old mooch round and then go back to the hotel around lunchtime. Afternoon and evening would be at MK. Get there to see thea fternoon parade, wander through the stores and go on rides until Wishes. Back on the bus to the hotel then to DTD for the rest of the evening if there is enough time

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