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Thread: top 3 favourite things to buy from orlando

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    go on tell me

    ours would be cheap clothes, dvds, cosmetics

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    Something from the Christmas shop, choklit from Ghiradelli's and fudge from the fudge shop in Main Street

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    ornament from the christmas shop, peanut butter m & m's, jeans that are long enough for us tall people.

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    sunglasses, christmas orniments and as much disney stuff as possible

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    Oh I cant do three - jeans, Yankee Candles, foodie bits and bobs and Ghirardehlli caramel squares and giant chocolate drops.


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    Giant chocolate drops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 53083
    Giant chocolate drops?
    Excuse the picture. Ive just taken it on my laptop so it isnt very good. Here are the little beauties!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 53083
    Giant chocolate drops?
    Sounds like a hoity toidy Hershey's Kiss!

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    Ohhhh, they do look nice! Rather like Droste pastilles.

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    A dated Christmas ornament with next years calendar, converse trainers (possibly Vans) and our traditional first purchase a new hat - always bought on our first day in MK
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