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Thread: Where to see the characters

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    Is there a huge list somewhere of places and times when we can get autographs from the characters? thanks

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    If there isn't we need to get one. I think it's on the list of things we still need to do.

    If there's a particular character you are after, if you go to Guest Services inside a park they can find out for you where and when they will be appearing.

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    Times vary, so you'll need to check the daily park schedules and ask at Guest Services.

    Characters are based on availability, so not all may be out at the same time or on the same day. I'm not into the character photos/autographs, so the information is a bit sketchy based on what I've seen in passing.

    Here's the beginning of a list. Please add to it!

    Magic Kingdom
    ToonTown: Disney princesses, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy
    Frontierland (near parade entrance/exit gate): Woody, Jessie and other Toy Story characters

    Disney Hollywood Studios
    In the vicinity of the Sorcerer's hat: Mary Poppins, Bert

    Okay, the brain isn't quite in gear yet.

    Run with it, please!

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