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Thread: what are the rules on checkout?

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    So disney resorts what are their checkout rules? I think its 11am but what happens if youre 30minutes late? can you apply for more time? are you charged more money?

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    If you ask the front desk they sometimes will give you late check out which I think (but not 100% sure) is 1:00. I guess it depends on how crowded they are and if mousekeeping is really busy and needed to get your room done for the next person coming in.

    I would ask when you check in, but I'm thinking that 30 minutes one way or the other shouldn't be that much of a problem if you just make sure to ask.

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    As Dorothy said, call the front desk and ask for a coutesy late check out . I've always been given till 1:00 PM when my plane leaves later in the day . Gives you time to swim and get a shower if you're already packed .

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