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Thread: what rides have broken down with you on ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinker, post: 54822
    OMG Figment !
    Did you snap pictures ? Its quite a view from up there . I can't believe the amount of times I've been on and people were taking pictures while in movement . I'd definitely lose the camera . Another ride I've seen pics taken is on TOT when the doors open at the very top . I'd drop it for sure .
    LOL. Actually Tinker...Marcus chose that particular trip to record the we have the entire thing on my camera. :p015: If/when he gets it uploaded somewhere, I'll post a link.

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    Hahahaaa! this i one that my fmily always laughs about... the big joke, which one will break this time! Lets see... we were stuck on the Mexican boat ride for an hour once, Spaceship Earth, Its a Small World (imagine the song lol), but the best one was The Great Movie Ride.. it was right after the ganster hijacked our vehicle then he couldnt get it to go.. he was SOOOOOO funny at first and then he stood up and explained he was only an actor and they were going to have to call someone to fix it...the mechanic came..boom boom bam..on with the show! We didnt mind...just part of the experience!!

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    Peter Pan... it was a bit scary swinging right above the ticking croc. Spaceship Earth and Haunted Mansion... for absolutely ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothy, post: 54197
    The very first ride to break down on us was IASW and I honestly think it traumatized Diane for the rest of her life because she visibly shudders whenever she walks by it
    Yes, I have too, for about 20 minutes I think. NO ONE should be subjected to that song for that long..... it does things to you.

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    Haunted Mansion, Spaceship Earth, Test Track

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    Haunted mansion... in maddame lolita's room! Something quite peculiar about hearing her speech 12,000 times!
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