Rick has promised that I can actually take the DGD's to Disneyland at the end of May...beginning of June (summer break for Caitie) 2009.
He was supposed to go with us, but due to work (he doesn't have enough vacation time saved up) I get to take the girls by myself.

Don't get me wrong..I'm not worried about the drive down to LA with the girls. I'm not worried about driving in California (been there done that). All who know me, know that I'll drive just about anywhere with the kids.
MY thing is...where the heck should I stay while we're in Anaheim?
I'd LOVE to stay on property (such as it is), but saying that, I know I'll probably be able to afford the Good Neighbor motels in front of Disneyland.
Paradise Pier was a pretty cool hotel, but they don't offer any sort of breakfast that doesn't cost an arm and leg. I'd love to find a hotel that at least does a continental type breakfast. I'm not really into eggs, bacon, blah blah blah.
SARAH!!!! I need some GOOD advice here!