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Thread: digital picture frames?

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    anyone got one or know of a good one?

    All these photos and theyre never going to get printed, may as well display them somehow

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    Oh, I am looking forward to the answers you receive! I too am considering purchasing one of these, but any of the (minor) research I've done hasn't spoken too highly of them.

    If I'm going to spend that sort of money (from what I've learned you really do need a high end one) it had better be well worth it!

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    The kids bought me a silver frame for 39.99 last year with their own money.

    They looked at them on the internet,found the one they wanted,reserved it and went into town to buy it from Comet.

    I was really surprised to open it on Xmas day and didn't expect great things from it but it's fab.
    Just stick the memory card in the side and away it goes.

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